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Chinmaya Vijaya
Chinmaya Vijaya
Chinmaya Vijaya

Welcome To Chinmaya Vijaya

Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage is an apolitical, non-governmental, all-girls Orphanage, that was founded by Drs. Sumathi and AppaRao Mukkamala as a tribute to Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, who dedicated His entire Life in the service to mankind.

With the benevolent benedictions of Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, Chinmaya Vijaya was formed in early 2007 under the auspices of Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD).

Chinmaya Vijaya is specifically committed to the care of orphaned and homeless girls in order to provide them with a family, a home, and a strong foundation to lead an independent and secure life.

The Project has been made possible through the generous donation of five acres of land by the family of Sri Lingamaneni Bhaskara Rao in Kaza Village, Andhra Pradesh and with monetary donations from the family and friends of the Mukkamalas and devotees of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. The Mukkamalas and the children at Chinmaya Vijaya express their heart-felt thanks and pray Poojya Gurudev to shower His kind benedictions for happiness and well-being of all the Donors that support this humanitarian cause.

Who We Embrace

India, home to over a billion people, is also home to the world’s largest number of poor and needy. Multiple negative influences in their lives, such as ill health, lack of awareness, and lack of educational opportunities, coupled with social injustice and gender discrimination, locks the underprivileged into permanent cycles of poverty and deprivation.

The orphan girls come from rural villages and towns of Andhra Pradesh. The girls lived on streets and in shacks. We embrace,

  • Girls between the ages of 5 and 8 years.
  • Girls who have lost their both parent in natural disasters or diseases.
  • Girls whose parent are terminally ill.
  • Girls who are disowned or deserted by their parents.
  • Any girl who fits the above criteria, irrespective of race, religion, or creed.

Our Care

Chinmaya Vijaya’s main objective is to adopt girl orphans, give them a home and a stable living environment, and create strong and dependable relationships among them so that they live in a safe, home-like atmosphere. They are imbibed with social values and brought up with self-respect to be moral and responsible citizens. They are given the tools to face life independently by providing them with professional and/or vocational training. These things prepare them to join mainstream society. They receive full support until completion of their education, employment, and/or marriage.

  • Home

    We provide the girls with a clean, hygienic and well ventilated home in a family environment.

  • Food

    The girls enjoy nutritious and organic vegetarian meals. They are able to eat until they are full, which is a luxury many of them did not know until they came to Chinmaya Vijaya.

  • Education

    Many of the children did not know the alphabet when they came to Chinmaya Vijaya. The English medium open curriculum gives an opportunity for the children to advance at their own pace. All girls go to school off-campus.

  • Healthcare

    All the children undergo health screenings and care at NRI Hospital for vision, hearing, dental, and general health.

  • Activities

    After school, the children are allowed to pursue various extracurricular activities of their own interest including dance, music, reading, and sports.

Our Bond

There is a bond formed between the girls almost the instant they arrive on campus. They learn to care for one another, to comfort one another, to encourage and love one another. They have all been through a similar experience and they become each others support system, they become family.

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